Funeral costs and payments

Each funeral is different, therefore the cost can vary considerably

We offer a very basic funeral for just £1,495 and a range of full service traditional funerals from £2,195.

Disbursements need to be added to those prices; for a cremation these will be approximately £1,200.00 and the same for a burial if you already have a grave or about £2,100.00 if you need to purchase one. Most of our funeral invoices are between £3,400.00 and £3,600.00, which would include our fees for a traditional full service funeral and also the charges made by the local crematorium, the doctors, a minister, a small newspaper notice and a modest floral tribute.

Direct Cremation is an ultra-modern alternative to a full service funeral and costs from only £1,345 inclusive of the essential disbursements. Click HERE for full details.

When you are comparing the prices of different funeral homes, we believe those that are more expensive are charging more than they need  and do not offer anything over and above us. There are a small number of funeral homes that are less expensive than us; rather than base your decision on whom to entrust your dear family member to purely on price, we would urge you to visit a couple of funeral homes and ask to meet a qualified Funeral Arranger, a qualified Funeral Director and a qualified Embalmer and ask to see a chapel of rest, a limousine, a hearse, and an example coffin. Do not assume that all funeral homes are the same and that the only difference is price.

We have always believed in pricing fairly. We will charge enough to pay for the best trained and qualified staff, to purchase quality mortuary equipment and vehicles and to maintain our premises to a high standard. We will make a bit of profit, the majority of which will be re-invested in things that you can benefit from.

Not all funeral homes are the same…

If you are worried about your future costs,  Moar & Butler offer a selection of fuss free pre-paid funeral plans that will allow you to stagger payments in order to spread the cost.

Please contact us on 0151 424 5432 (24-hour manned line) and we can fully explain about the fees and charges involved in your funeral, or post out to you a comprehensive and detailed guide to our prices.

N.B our occasional offers, promotions and vouchers cannot be used for Direct Cremation nor our Basic and Simple Funeral Packages.