Flowers, tributes & donations

Choosing the perfect flowers and organising donations

Beautiful flowers adorn most funeral services. Floral sprays, arrangements or tributes from family and friends are always popular. Here at Moar & Butler, we see inspiring floral tributes shaped in words such as “Daughter” or “Dad”.

Creative and unique, floral sculptures are becoming more and more popular. We have seen flowers representing a pint of ale, cars and golf clubs!  Moar & Butler’s many years of experience in arranging floral design will reflect personal inspiration – you can choose flowers, colours, and styles and that could be a lovely symbolic gesture.

Flowers arranged in a vase can be taken home like many families do, or you can donate them to a local hospital or the loved one’s place of work.

After the funeral

We can provide you with a list of mourners who attended the ceremony, along with a list of people who have sent flowers. We will collect the tribute cards and provide you with them. We can also make arrangements so that the flowers are taken to your place of choice, be it a family grave or your home. You can also choose to benefit others by donating your flowers to a local hospital or organisation. Once again, we are pleased to arrange it all for you so you don’t have to worry.

Asking for donations

Many families limit the sending of flowers to immediate family members and friends, and ask others to think about making donations to a specific charity. It has become popular over the years and it’s a great way to help raising funds for a good cause. It can be a charity that’s relevant for your loved one. It is certainly worth thinking about.

Contact us at 0151 424 5432 and we’ll give you more information on floral arrangements and charitable options.