Funeral music and readings

Words and music at funerals

Moar & Butler understand that both words and music have the power to bring out strong emotions at funerals. This is why they play such an important part at funeral services these days.

Speeches at the funeral

Historically, eulogies were delivered by the local vicar or priest – but in present day, many families now prefer to themselves or close friends to speak about the person’s life, read poems, or even read out something the deceased wrote themselves.

Music for the funeral

Rather than the traditional hymns, many people now prefer to have a modern piece of music played at funerals. Interestingly, the songs chosen are increasingly more contemporary – and even light-hearted choices are now popular, to try and draw a smile rather than something sad to draw a tear. There’s also a growing trend for live music such as bagpipes,  Spanish guitars and jazz bands.