Our wide selection of memorials ensures you can find the perfect one for your needs.

Masonry and headstone memorials

Masonry memorials from Moar & Butler

For a lot of bereaved people, a permanent reminder of a loved one is very important. This is why Moar & Butler provide a wide choice of masonry memorials to celebrate a life lived.

A memorial can become a physical focus for your love and personal memories – a memorial becomes a place you and your family and friends can always visit to lay flowers, reflect and remember happy times together.

We’ve listed below the important factors to consider when choosing a masonry memorial:

  • Colour
  • Shape
  • Font style & colour
  • Wording/descriptions
  • Type of material, for example granite or marble
  • Application of a design or photo plaque

We’ve very proud to say that our skilled craftsmen are all members of the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) which ensures they are experienced in designing and preparing memorials of the highest possible quality. In terms of cost – there is no set fee for memorial masonry as the prices are based on size, materials, design and lettering – we’ll be able to discuss costs with you and confirm what is possible within your budget.

Additions/improvements to existing memorials

Additional Inscriptions

At Moar & Butler, we can add additional inscriptions on to an existing memorial, if you feel there is something extra you would like to add, or if you intended your memorial to be used for two people when you bought it – we can add the second inscription. Costs for this work are based upon the lettering type and the number of letters required.

Re-gild, re-paint, re-lead lettering

If the existing lettering on a memorial needs to be restored due to age or its position,we can provide this service for you.

Re-fixing memorials

Our experienced masonry team can re-fix memorials if they have become unstable – this can sometimes happen over time. This is done by re-fixing the memorial into the ground using an super safe, modern ground anchor system. Costs to re-fix a memorial are dependent on the size, we’ll be happy to advise the costs for this service based on your needs.

Memorial cleaning

Cleaning and renovation can make a huge difference to the appearance of existing memorials and keeps them looking clean and well kept as time passes.